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2014-11-06 17:28:01 (UTC)

Spoke to soon again

I swear it seems like every time I post an entry here about
the issues I feel I am having with her, she calls me. She
called this morning not too long after I post the last entry.

I am not going to delete it. Too much story line in it.

She said that the insurance did not pay for the braces, she
had to pay for them herself out of one of her last commissions
and set up payment plan. The middle granddaughter is happier
this year with her contacts and now she has braces. She has
only missed the bus once this year and loves school much
better than last. So, I was wrong about it. But very
happy that I was.

Not too long after I hung up from her, the boss called..
and he is getting ready to send me a contract to send
to an agent on a very big deal we have been working
on for a while now.

So let the negotiations begin...

I was right to start talking about how great a big tall
Christmas tree would look in that house. These buyers
want to be in early in December so they can enjoy
the holidays in their next home.