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2014-11-05 03:30:25 (UTC)

Pretty good day

I got a text this morning while I was getting my nails done
from my daughter. She said the condo she has listed should
be under contract tomorrow. Later in the day she sent me
photos of my middle granddaughter who recently got braces on
her teeth. She is the one that I got the contacts for in June.

I was glad she has something under contract as we are not
splitting things anymore. She is actually working with the
school system so she gets a check for that each month...
not to mention, she get paid for attending city council
meetings. With this extra money coming in before the holidays
hoping she has a great Christmas at her house.

We will be under construction here.

But then, I got a call from a seller who was doing some work
at her house which will be closing in a couple of weeks. She
wanted me to go by there and take a look at what was done to
be sure it was acceptable. I rode on over there and met her
husband was filling a hole...leveling it out and getting
ready to throw seed. I rode to the farm supply to get the
grass seed and the straw to throw over it...and that was
done. All they have to do is get a few more things out of

the storage building this weekend and the things on their
list to do will be complete.

I came home......he was cooking dinner. It smelled so good
in here. Country style steak and gravy, creamed potatoes...
and blacked eyed peas. Hmmmmm good.

The phone was the boss. He has a guy standing in
his office who wanted to put a contract in on another 500k
property..and I worked on that....sent it too him and
he will take care of he rest tomorrow...

I had to do some research on some commercial property to
send him comps on we although we are running
out of listings...we are still working on next years
closings for our buyers...who seem to be showing up
out of the woodwork.

I love working with him like this. He actually....said
thank you Pat...not sure how I would do all this without
you..felt good. But he really does a lot too.

Looks like I will have two more closings before the end of the
year...I will have enough money to get the sliding on the
house....not sure yet about the windows....but if not,
I will have more money coming in next year...and I can
do it then.

Tomorrow we take my car to the shop to get the part changed
out before it burst into flames...and while it is being
worked on...we are going to go look at appliances.

things should begin moving right along.....

and I could not be happier.

I ordered some perfume from Macys just to get a bunch
of free Este Lauder makeup...and skin care....well,
was not free...a bunch of stuff for 59 bucks.

At this rate, I will have a few Christmas gifts in the
event I need them...........

Someone told me recently that I needed to do stuff for
myself once and a while.

I am.


feels good