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2014-11-04 00:17:18 (UTC)

Colder weather

Woke up cold this morning. I closed my bedroom window myself
this time. I thought I heard a phone ringing which woke me
up to begin with. Later I was looking out at the driveway
noticing my son's truck missing. Thinking it was Sunday morning
I was a little worried, then thought maybe he does have a girl
friend now and was with her. It took a while to get orientated
to realize it was not Sunday, it was Monday and he was gone to

So, I started drinking some coffee and began my morning.
Uneventful as it was.

I hate this time of year. It does not matter how much sleep
you get you feel tired most of the morning. At least I DO.

Yesterday I stopped into the bar to watch some of the race.
After seeing the fight that Jeff Gordon was in the owner
told me about two women I know getting into it at the
Halloween party there Friday night. I can not believe those
two would act like that and was glad I was not there to see

Today the old man rode to the chevy place where I got my
car and made arrangements for us to take my HHR in
this week to have the recalled part replaced. We will have
everything on that list of things to do before renovation we discussed it more today.

I told him I am ok not celebrating the holidays this year
at all. I am ready to see some shit changed and upgraded.
We talked about going ahead and shopping around for a
refrigerator and range this week when we drop off my car.

We can go ahead and get them and move them around when we
get to that area of the house. So, the way he is talking
we are still going to start soon.

Time will tell