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2014-11-02 15:28:48 (UTC)

Up early on Sunday Morning.

When I went out yesterday, it was so darn cold and raining,
I was miserable. But I managed to go get my hair done. I
let her color the roots and all over to a new darker color.

It is a bit darker than I had expected. But I can live with
it like I have a choice. She assured me that it would lighten
up as I go along....washing it and such.

So, finally that lady's obituary was in the paper. There was
a photo of her. We look a lot alike. I was reading about her
and realized once again that one of her living sisters was
given the same name as I was Patsy at birth. I changed it
to Patricia when I turned 18. This lady's middle name was
Lee, which was my fathers first name I found that odd too.

I had been told that her mother and my mother did not get along.
Maybe them both naming a daughter the same name could be a
reason? I will never know. But it did say a lot of nice
things about her. And she has siblings that are left
behind, so I now have more last names of biological relatives.
I sent it too my BFF to check out to see if she knew any
of these people. She knows a lot of people and remembers
things in great detail.

I thought about going to her funeral. It is tomorrow. I
could sit in the background to check out people. But since
we look so much alike, especially now that my hair is darker...
it might be a bad idea. I will pass.

I sent a text early this morning to my daughter about a listing
that is expired. She is supposed to be handling that one. We
texted back and forth a little on it...and I sent her the
name to check out in the obits.

I guess my daughter hates the fact that she nor I either one
have blood related relatives that we actually know. She has
a half sister that got lost in the drama way back when...
her dad died before he could establish relationships for
my daughter with his family...and that is the way things
were left. She has no relationship with any of them;
just like me,

I have no relationship nor have I ever with any of my blood
relatives. It is only when someone dies and I read their
obituary and learn we were related or my sister tells me.
My sister and I do have a very hands off relationship which
mostly involves phone calls. I have one other cousin on
FB who sends me information although I remember her name
as a child, we have no relationship other than that now.

I am thinking the way I have handled things for my daughter...
and not trying harder for her to have relatives in my side
of her dads side.....may be a big part of the distance
that is between us.

Something to think about.