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2014-10-30 18:50:29 (UTC)

Slow moving day here

He wanted me to make some calls this morning. We canceled
our car insurance in order to go with a different company.
So, I called to take care of that. Then I called the chevy
place to make arrangements to service my HHR. I need to have
that recalled part replaced. Finally...although they said they
would have to check to see if it was in stock and call me back.

He got up and fixed breakfast asking me to get ready so we
could go downtown and vote. I was ok with that and agreed.

But later after one call after another I decided to wait till

Still working on a couple a serious deals hoping to have them
close before the end of this year.

I had signed up for SS benefits and got a call today from them
finalizing everything. I had questions about my income. I can
make 15k. I needed to know how to let them know if or when I
go over that amount and what happens. I was ok with the answer
and how to handle that. So I went ahead and agreed to begin
receiving those benefits n March. This will help make up for
him having to pay for his supplemental insurance now that he
is drawing Medicare and help pay for my insurance not to mention
my cell phone and numerous other cost just to do business.

All I have to do is let them know if I am going over the 15 and
they will make adjustments in payment that I receive. So at the
end of the year, I do not have to be concerned about paying additional
fines or fees to them.

When I become 66, I can change it to something else and draw
a little more...not really as hard as I had expected.

Now I will spend November learning about insurance and decide
if I stay with this plan or go with something else.

Will be glad when all this crap is over.

I did decide to let my hair dresser do my roots on Saturday
morning and give me a trim. I just could not deal with it
anymore. So, tomorrow we will go vote.

I will go get my nails done later today or tomorrow...
so I will be ready for my Saturday night...
out with he BFF.

We have both been going through hellish back issues..
and today was no difference for me.

I had to rest several times. Not ever going to get used
to being in slow motion.....I am usually the first one out
the door and first one to get things done. I am learning
to move slower taking it easy...I am getting use to it.
Not an easy thing for me.

I will be making that pizza tonight....

everything else is moving right along...

I really want that big deal to close.....before the end
of the I can bank those funds......

I am learning to save money when I can....

being old is scary.

If something went wrong with the car......
or the furnace....the well.....u have to have money
to fix those things or what would you do? Just
realizing that although I do try to help when I

I have no one to help me. I have to make sure I
can take care of the essentials.....

and money for unexpected issues.