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2014-10-29 22:10:59 (UTC)

Wednesday....stayed n afterall

I never even changed clothes today. The boss woke me up from a
great dream I was having. I was with my daughter and the granddaughters and we were cleaning up a room for some reason. A room I had never
been inside before. But I saw a Princess House Crystal glass
laying on a side table, so as I was picking it up...I heard my
phone ring. I was looking all over the room for it...when I
woke up...and answered it. Had some research to do...for him.

We took one off the market for a few days and he wanted it put
back on So I did that for him and started checking on a deal
that is supposed to close soon....but the buyer agent has not
even taken the ED check or contract to the lawyer yet. We were
still trying to decide who to use. Lawyers around here are
charging so much more than they use too. It is hard on both
sides. But I think we finally got it worked out so I will end
up having the closing down at the office downtown that I usually
do. They gave us a deal.

So I caught up on some filing then decided for some reason...
to go to the social security site to see if I could sign up
there. It was easy to do. So, hell, I did it. I entered in
the date for Feb of next year...most of my closings should be
done by then, and if not I will have to watch it...or figure
out a way to make sure I do not make too much money...without
saving enough to pay taxes and such. I hope it works out.
I am done worrying with it. It is done.

I asked him if he wanted me to prepare a home cooked pizza tonight.
He said he would rather have kabosa. So I asked him to cut up
the cabbage...and he did. So I am sitting here as I write this
smelling the most wonderful smell. It reminds me of the Fair.

So, that is done...and I am about to stop for tonight.

I did finally take my contacts out for a couple days.
Hopefully till Saturday....

I made reservations for my BFF and I to go to the Rodi
in Gastonia to hear Tony Rogers and his Stella. I have
not had the chance to hear them and we have both been
hoping they would play near here....

now getting her out of her house in time to make those
reservations is another story. Time will tell.

My back is a bit strained at the moment...
so it is time to go lay back and get off my feet.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day.