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2014-10-29 05:08:01 (UTC)

Tuesday update...

It is sometimes exciting dealing with out of state people....and
other times it can be very weird. Like that Wisconsin woman...
dear lord. I love the negotiating process. This guy seems to
have his mind set on a price. I just hope he does not keep this
back and forth up too long and someone else throws in an offer
that is accepted. It will be hard to locate a house like this
one. I tried to warn him. Time will tell. It is sometimes
frustrating when they do not understand that this is North Carolina,
it is not Wisconsin, it is not New York and it is not Pittsburgh.
All of us have state regulations to follow and mine may not be
like those other I am not living on a reality show
so no, I do not just pick up the phone and start making deals on
the spot. Realtors around here are dealing with people who have
jobs and busy schedules, we can not always get an answer right
away. House Hunters is a great show...but they do leave a lot
of stuff out.

My PT appointment went well today. I just let them sign me out
so I do not have to go back. I was not going to deal with two
more weeks of that. Since she brought in the guy to watch us..
she has not really been doing much....but going over exercises
that I can do at home. My back is feeling much better and
I am ready to get back to work.

Tomorrow...I will go do the early voting thing and get that over
with...then I am driving to Harrisburg to look for property to
list. I am not going to sit here and let others take my
business. I love that area and I will locate some property
to list tomorrow. If not, guess what? I will be back over
there on Thursday.

We have things going on but I have done my part of those deals
for now and I am not just going to sit here and lay in the bed.
One, it can not be good. I need to keep moving.

I will take a sign, lockbox, my camera...and contracts just
in case I get lucky and land one on the spot. This will
give me something to do...while the other deals .. are going
through the inspection period. I have not seen anything near
here....people must be getting selling their homes out of
their minds until spring....but you never know.

What I want is a seller who wants to buy something else too.
That is the best deals....two closings in one day. Two
big ole fat checks in one day too.

I am not going to be concerned about making too much money
anymore. The government will get their share when I file
my taxes...I file every year...I do not cheat....I pay them
correctly and I will not worry about making too much

I may not sign up for SS right now while things are going
so good. Must be a sign that I should just keep working.
Maybe I will get enough money to hire someone to do this
damn work around here myself.....if he is not going to
start it. I guess he is waiting for me to start bitching
and nagging. I do not do that either.

What I will do is save enough money to rent a place...
and I will be out of here...out of the way. And that
can be my excuse. If he wants me to come back, he will
get his shit done...

I do not mind paying for the new windows and sliding and
the new fence in back out of my own money, but I can not
pay for the rest. He will have to cover that out of
our money. Which is half mine. I never throw that up...

but I have started putting my earned money in my own
account. I will not throw it in our account if he is
not going to follow through with what he says he is going
to do. He has changed the design several times...before
long it will just be new carpet and some paint.

that will not work.

One of my childhood neighborhood friends passed away today.
Neil was a sweet guy. I could not believe that he died. It
was sudden. One of our friends was talking to him this
morning...then this evening we learned he passed away today...
sometime this afternoon. Very heart breaking....

I know they do not need anything as he most likely took care
of his loved in his honor....

I will give another 500 bucks to that lady I helped get tires help her buy Christmas for her grandkids.

That would have made Neil smile.

Sometimes kindness is all we got to give....
even if no one knows about it.

It feels good too.

Try it sometime.

Makes me realize how lucky I am...and how blessed.