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2014-10-27 18:19:12 (UTC)

Colarado sounds like a place

I was cleaning out my closet today when I got lucky by running
across an old joint. Commonly known as a roach. I looked at it
for a moment before picking it up and moving it to safety from
the vacuum cleaner. I was thinking man I can lite that bad boy
up in a while after my back starts aching and text the medication
factors of smoking pot to help pain. To me, at that moment
in time, I just knew it would help. Although my back was fine
at that moment and it was not the time to lite it up quiet yet.

I went on with cleaning out the little plastic drawers where I
sometimes stash receipts, and old id cards, old credit cards,
etc. I found my concealed weapon permit, my realtor ID card,
my bartending license, an old RED CROSS card showing my blood
type, an old birth certificate card showing sent to me when I
needed my birth certificate....and some random business cards.
I even found a laminated social security card.....

which reminded me that I need to make a decision on whether to
apply or wait.

My husband always says do not start counting your money before
you get it. He is right about that. Today proves it.

I had already totaled up how much money I would most likely
have before the end of the year and already started thinking
about how much it would cost to install new windows and new
sliding here...and how much it might cost to install that privacy
fence at the back after having the hideous bushes removed...

when I got a text from one of the clients who wanted to counter..
then the other side wanted to move up the due diligence date...
then he simply decided to pull the offer.

SHIT! There went at least 5k of the money I had spent inside
my head....

by now, my back was aching...feeling very tight like a sprained I knew it was time....

it was time to lite up my old friend.

And I did.

Been very busy this morning and even though I was taking breaks
once and a while....

it was too much. Some how this back injury is taking its time
and I am still wondering from time to time if it could be
something else? I have two more weeks of this PT. After that
it will be time to ask the hard questions and get some answers.

Anyway...that is about it for now.

And yes, lighting it up helped a little.

Not too much yet. Maybe it was not enough.

A nice trip to Colorado just might answer that question.

But I would be tempted to bring some home. Not sure how
dangerously against the law that would be.....

moving there is out of the question.

But a nice visit from time to time....
well, that is another story.