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2014-10-27 06:01:58 (UTC)


So... We fought tonight. Something we've done before but got over before we had to part ways.
You like Heart, You caused drama, you hurt her you acted immature and childish.
Then when she came to me with your crap, the crap you knew was wrong and shouldn't have done.
She felt guilty for your mistake!!!!!!!!!!!! You idiot!

Then i defend her, like i'm supposed to do and you get mad at me... Which has happened before of course, you don't have an 8 year freiendship with out getting angry at each other some time.

But today was different, you blew me off, you walked away, you didn't listen.
You've walked away from me in sadness
You've walked away from me in goodbye.
You've walked away from me in amusment.
You've walked away from me in resignment.
You've even walked away from me in anger directed at someone else.
But in all our years you've never walked way from me in anger directed twords me and today that happened twice...
And it Hurt worse than i would have imagined it would if i'd have ever considered you doing that(which i hadn't because you never have my friend.

I watched you keep walking, almost followed, caught up, talked.
But i didn't i waited for you to turn around and keep arguing with me and you did turn around once, to see if i had followed you like i always had.
I didn't.
I let you walk away.
And you did.

I almost messaged you five times already but i'm not crawling to you.
I didn't do anything wrong. I wasn't wrong to confront you.
And i'm not the one who walked away you did.
Which were the last words i have spoken to you.
I feel sad and stuff for whats changed and the fact that i guess our friendship doesn't matter enough to stick around for.
No you have always walked away, i have always followed.
But not today.
Not again.
Not now.

So tired.
Going to sleep.
Lifes complicated.

Peace peoples.