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2014-10-25 17:39:45 (UTC)

Saturday suprises

I was up early this morning. I have my bedroom window open
which is right beside the road by our house. I have a corner
lot. Yesterday around 2 I heard some screaming. Was not sure
if it was a woman screaming off in the distance or a children
playing near here. But I did walk out the mail box to investigate.

I was no able to hear anything nor did I see anything that
caused me to worry. The people across from us had their back
door open and their little girl was sitting on the door step.
Nothing to be concerned about. When I came back inside I did
hear a little more screaming and wrote it off as kids playing.

So, this morning around 6 I heard car doors opening and shutting.
More than usual. Figured the neighbors were working today and
maybe were going inside to get something they forgot while car
warmed up. Then a little later, I hear more car doors. Not
sure what to think I go to my window and look out. I can not
see what is going on at their house, we have a large tree by
my window and large bushes at the road side and I just can not
see anything. But I did notice several cars parked over there
along side the road. At that early in the morning, and
recalling the screams I heard yesterday caused my stomach to
sink and I was thinking horrible scenarios of what could have
happened. Were the screams the lady there in trouble? Could
she be pregnant and in labor or being beaten....could she have
received horrible news and was crying in such grief she was
screaming in disbelief? It was hard to think these things
know that I saw that little girl sitting on the doorstep
and I did not even ask her if everything was ok? Did not want
to be nosey.

Man...I felt bad. Later I went into my husbands room and asked
him if he remembered me asking him yesterday if he heard the
screaming outside? Let him know about the cars and he should
not be cutting grass or being loud today or burning trash
since I feared the worse had happened and did not want to be
disrespectful. He agreed and went back to sleep.

So around 9 I back out of the driveway to go get a breakfast
biscuit at Hardees...and noticed just what was going on
over there...explain all the doors opening and shutting...


I laughed at myself for worrying so much.....and rode onto
the stop sign fighting the tears since I was so happy
that this was all it was...and all was well with my

I do not know them, we all have large lots and everyone
stays at home....unless of course a child is missing
or someone needs something....

At Hardees, I decided to get them some cinnamon biscuits...
got the large size which I think was around 6. Had to
wait on them to come out of the oven since they were
hot....and fresh. I stopped there to give them to the
lady. I told her the whole story about my concerns...
and how I wish I had said something yesterday. She laughed...
and said that she had heard a little girl crying...herself
while outside in her yard but could not figure out where it
was coming from. We had a big laugh at my concerns and
she thanked me for the biscuits...and I came on home.

The whole thing was exhausting. Hard to believe how your
emotions can run away with you and cause you so much
discomfort. I have been in the bed hugged up to the
heating pad....

but wheeling and a dealing all morning.

I am going back and forth with the listing agent
trying to get one under contract....and we shall see
how that goes. I hate low ball offers....but you
never know if you do not try. I do like to try
to get property for less than listing price...
but do not like to go in so low that it is an insult.
Hopefully we can come to an agreement before the
end of the day. Or at least I will know just how
serious these buyers are.....