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2014-10-24 21:53:54 (UTC)

Moving right along

My PT appointment went very well today. I am getting better
from this injury. Finally seeing some hope of getting back
to normal soon. Might not need two more weeks of therapy
after all. We will regroup next week to decide. It felt
good to be able to get in and out of my car again without
pain while moving in a more normal motion.

Then, I came home and touched base with the boss about that
large home that is back on the market. I was right. He called
the guy who was interested in it before and we started learning
more about what happened to end the previous under contract
status. Unfortunately, it was a doctor who was supposed to
buy it and they were to close last Friday when he decided to
back out of the deal. He has been asked to go to Africa
to help out with the Ebola scare over there and did not feel
that buying this house at this time was a good idea for his
family. He lost a lot of cash by backing away, but I learned
that the inspection went well and there is two surveys that
were done recently. So, my past buyer who was interested in
it is going to let us know tomorrow if he wants to put in
an offer. If he does, he is going to want the additional
acreage that is available making this deal if accepted the
second largest deal I have had. And it could not have came
at a better time.

I really need to get that walk in bath tub and adjustable bed.
So if this happens, those things will be done soon after.

Or I will go to the beach and not come back for a very long
time if ever.

Hard to say.

My other deals are moving right along and I have two closings
scheduled before the end of year and one the first week
in January. Plus this surprise really big deal thrown
in for good measure would most likely happen fast.

I am in good spirits with all this happening...

feeling a little better but still not 100 percent...

but feeling a little better....
makes it easier to keep on going
and trying hard to get even better.