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2014-10-24 00:12:51 (UTC)

Screw up

I just want a piece of time where i'm not screwing everything up.
Where i'm doing and saying and acting and believing the right things.
But that will never happen... I have been, am, and always will be a screw up.
Simple as that.

I don't want to be around or hear from anyone.
Because i'll just screw it up.
I'll mess up every friendship i'll ever have and i can't fully tell anyone everything.
All these people(which is actually very few)
Know bits and pieces and nobody knows the secrets.
The darker side of me.
Theses things i can never say here or anywhere.
Because if people knew they'd never want to be around me.
They'd hate me.
Maybe thats ok though cause i'd be alone. No more people to hurt me, and no more people for me to hurt.

No more of my sister hating me.
No more making my mom cry.
No more grudges.
No more family.
No more anyone.
No more fights.
No more pain.