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2014-10-23 22:30:00 (UTC)

Later update...

This has been a rough day as far as the way I have been
feeling. I am sore and hurt like hell. Not sure if this
PH is working at all. Have to go again tomorrow....really
dreading it for sure.

However I did get the Offer sent to the buyer to sign and send
back so I can get this one scheduled...after it is accepted..
if it is....

Then, that lovely 5000 square foot home I showed some folks
earlier in the year is back on the market. I could not
wait to let them know. Let us hope they do not drag their
feet too long to respond. I would love to walk through it
again. I have imagined that home on this lot. GOD it would
be awesome. I would have to win the lottery to make that
happen, but a girl can dream,

Another thing is if I get these sales under contract to close
next year, I may just have to hold on signing up for
social security. I may have to wait for a year at least...

But that is a good thing. Isn't it? I do not want to
have to worry about making too much money...

but I would like that long trip to the coast....
I really need a break.

I really hope I live long enough to take one.....