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2014-10-23 15:34:31 (UTC)

Thursday update

Gave it up this morning without the damn patch. Just got tired
and knew it was time to try COLD TURKEY....and that is what I have
have done. Quitting Cold Turkey style today. Already started the
clean up process and have a light smelling candle lite to remove
smoke smell in house. So far so good...

Reached out to agent representing the buyer who we are under
contract with since last week. She has not picked an attorney
yet...and I need to know the damage. I was hoping she would
shop around for someone reasonable...but so far, I have no idea.
No one waits this long to decide these things....

talked to my daughter about the photo shoot we were asked to
be involved n this weekend. She can not make it. Needs more
than a two days notice. I sent the response back to the
popstar princess so she will know that we can not make it...
and asked her more about her promo team. She asked us to be
a part of that too. Not sure yet.

Told daughter about that laptop I am disgusted with. She is
going to take a look at it and may be buying it from me.
we discussed the camera lens she needs for fast moving objects
like cars, football players...etc. Lord. I looked them
up and sent her a message that she needs to start saving some
cash to get one of them....way to expensive for me to consider
at this point in time. Make some photography money...then invest
in equipment. Do things correct. Not backwards.

She was hauling around some special needs kids and was told
about a teacher who calls them ugly names and is down right
mean to them. She had more than one tell her about it. So,
she got on the phone with some of her connected friends...and
in less than a week. That teacher has been replaced. She was
livid about her behavior. It pays to have connections to
the governor and old school politicians n our state.

Not sure where her career will go, but she is certainly a
politics type A personality.

Whatever that means........