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2014-10-22 21:57:18 (UTC)

Update on Doctor and other things

My appointment with Doctor Frankenstein was horrible yesterday.
I got there on time after dropping my buddy off two doors
down for her neck injection. I figured she would take longer
than me and I would be waiting on her when she was finished.


I was at my appointment for two hours. TWO HOURS!

Not once did he even look at my back. Instead, he took
x-ray of my hand and took enough blood to clone me or
sell it too someone...

He did finally give me the trigger shots which hurt like
hell...but not before asking me to be a part of some
trial program which included signing a stack of documents
that look very much like a contract. I did not fill it
out after browsing through it. It claimed that I would
be taking this new medication for free. Which would be
done intravenously every 2 months. I would be agreeing
to allow others to read my progress and medical records
where I would be identified with my full name, birthdate
and social security number by them. I would be giving
them permission to get a copy of my death certificate
as well in the event that I died. It was enough too
see that they would have access to all my personal
identifying information, but a death certificate?
Hell no...I am not doing that shit.

I finally got out of there to pick up my friend who would
not even tell me how long she had been waiting. But she
was ok. Both of us had injections and were sore.

But we did stop on the way home to have lunch...then I
took her on home and came home myself.....showed those
documents to my husband who agreed it would take an
attorney to know what it all meant. Not doing it.

At my physical therapy appointment this morning I was
already sore from the injections yesterday, but she
seems to use making me hurt as a part of knowing
where I hurt and if I hurt more in one place than
another.....and pain level. Lord have mercy.
I came home went to be and turned on heating pad.
GOD THIS SUCKS...go back to her on Friday.

This afternoon, that buyer I showed property to this
month decided he was ready to make an offer, so I had
to crawl out of bed to discuss with him details and
get him in touch with a loan person...and sent update
to him on what we spoke about. I have the Offer ready
for the other information I need to complete it.
So, After getting that done, I am back in bed..
with the heating pad.

I am no better today maybe worse than when I started
this journey.

Please say a prayer for this old woman in NC...just trying
to make sense of all this for now.

Hoping next week is better