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2014-10-19 21:15:22 (UTC)

More to do tomorrow

I thought I had made it clear to everyone that I would not be
available until later in the week. Thursday or Friday afternoon.

But the boss called today with a listing. A LISTING! I sent
him the comps and my thoughts on it. So, looks like I will be
working on this tomorrow. Although, A listing was not in my
plans for a while. I know he is in denial. He relies
on me so much. I pray for good results this week and no
bad news. Not just for me, but for the boss and my family and
of course my BFF who has been needed my support lately.

Taking her to get that shot in her neck Tuesday is going to
be scary for her. I am happy to be able to take her and even
happier that her appointment is just a block away from my
RA doctor. We will both be getting shots...and both will
be sore and out of it on Wednesday.

Just hope the boss can understand that.

The PT gave me a band to use for arm strength exercises. I have
been using it and used it quiet a bit last night while watching
movies. I could have over did it explaining the level of pain
today. If that is the case, then we are back to probably just
a torn muscle or strained one at the most.

Time will tell. I intend to use the hell out of this insurance
to learn just what is going on and hopefully get the correct
solution to get back to normal.

Whatever normal is.

The GREENBAY PACKERS tore a new one in the Panthers tails today.
If you had dozed off during the first quarter and woke up u
would have thought you slept through the entire game. But no,
you had not. The packers scored that many points in that little
of time and there was more time in the first to keep on doing it.
And they did. WHOA!

He is cooking today. I was going to head out and get the car
detailed. But instead I am watching the most delightful movie
called Safe Haven. Filmed in one of my favorite places on
earth, South Port NC. Hope to get there soon.

One day at a time. One week at a time.

Hopefully soon.