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2014-10-19 18:13:11 (UTC)

Update on Daughter

Okay, I have been asked to talk about the theft.

So far, we have only discussed it briefly. She seemed to
imply that she was under some impression that I would be ok
with her or them doing what they did. However, I know that
is incorrect.

She did offer to pay me back when she had her last closing,
but I knew that she needed all that money to finally once
and for all get straightened out with her finances.

Which for me was more important than her paying me back
at that time.

Once she closes on this next deal, which I have given her
my part so she can get it all....she will pay me back
every cent that I had to take out of savings to make my
account right again.

She does not know how sick I am at the moment. No one
does. Only me and my husband are aware of this at the
moment. I have not discussed it much with my son
who lives here with us and I have certainly not discussed
it with her.

The only thing they know at the moment is that I may have
a strained or torn muscle in my back. No one knows that
this may not be the whole truth. No one knows because I
myself have not been told anything different.

I am not going to have a bunch of drama with her right now
regarding that situation because if I learn that there is
something seriously wrong with me, I do not want her or
my granddaughters to feel uncomfortable coming around me
if it comes to that.

I had several conversations with her before this injury
if that is what it regards to how much I want
all of us to be "whole" in regards to our finances and
our futures. That was the reason I gave her my part of the
deal...where she will have about 14K or twice that much
if she represents both sides....instead of 7K or twice
if she represents both sides.

I know she needs a better car, new appliances, new flooring
in her house, and the girls need things. She has three
children. I want them all of them to have what they need
and to be proud of their mother, their home, their family
and of me.

Now if I keep bringing up the ugly stuff after we have
had the conversation about it, this will only drive a
wedge between us. I do not wish to have any type of
wedge between any of children. Especially her.

Is she sorry and wish she had handled this a different way?
Yes, she is. Not taking the money the first time she offered
it made her realize I am sure just how much I love her and
I am sure handling it that way instead of being ugly about
it gave her much to think about.

I know she was desperate. She has to have her cell phone
and internet to do business. The girls were all starting
school and needed a few things. Yes, I had offered to help.
But I did not give her permission to just take my debit card
and go with it. Could she have misunderstood me? NO WAY...
I made it very clear. She knew what she was doing...she must
have thought I had a hell of lot more money in that account
than she thought. She found out when I told her I had went
to the bank and they were investigating. Hearing that a lone
had to scare the shit out of her. Because I said they will
be making an arrest when they figure it out. She knew they
would be knocking on her door. So, that is when she starting
talking and admitting...and begging me to stop them. She was

However, I know that even being desperate is no excuse to do
something like this just because you can. When you are trusted
enough with information like that, and then you just go with it...
like she did....none of that is honest nor would I have ever
thought her any different. She is an adult. She is a mother...
and she is a daughter. I just hope she learned from it.

And I hope that when she sees me again, it being at a closing,
at the mall, or in a hospital room she will not feel so
guilty that she can not be my daughter. The one
I raised....the one I have always been proud of.

I hope this answers your concerns about this matter.

I will post more on it as the subject comes up.

The bottom like is she is going to make it right...
and I know she has missed our talks.

It is slowly getting back to normal.
Whatever normal is.

Right now I need to focus on myself...
and hoping to learn more about what in the hell
is going on inside of me this week.

Second opinion....