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2014-10-18 23:49:33 (UTC)

Amother Saturday night and I an't got nobody!

lOVE THAT SONG! Whatever....sounded good at the moment.

I woke today feeling like I had been hit by a semi truck...
and left to die. It took a while to get started but finally
started feeling much better this afternoon. I got him to
help me change the sheets on my bed and do some laundry.

The guys are finally realizing that I need them to help
around here more. Or hopefully they over heard me complaining
to my BFF about how I do not have anyone to help me. I
was asking if she knew of someone I could hire to come
do some house cleaning. I actually saw him later with a
duster in his hand wiping down some cobwebs from the
ceiling. And my son actually took out the trash and replaced
the trash can with a plastic bag. Hmmmm? Maybe they did
not like someone hearing the truth about how lazy they each

Part of the grass was cut yesterday and the mower is still in
the backyard instead of the shed and most of the front yard
still needs cutting. Not sure if they were hoping for the
ghost of a previous owner to jump on the mower and finish
the job or what? Who knows.

I told my friend if things do not change around here I was
going to take my money and rent a senior citizen apt and
apply for social security before the first of the year.


I mean it too. I was not kidding.

My daughter and I finally talked. She was in the same
town I had to drive too this week to get that contract
signed because she drives the bus for the school system
and the band was there in a band competition. She had
time to update me on some of our business. She is talking
to a developer next week about our largest listing and
she already has a contract that the sellers are looking
at from someone else. My goodness. After hearing that
I know if it goes well and we sell it, by the time
it closes, we will have nothing listed.

I just told her I was taking a break from listing for
a while. I just need to take it easy. I can work with
buyers showing property every now and then, but listing
property for me is too much work as I really do a lot
to market and holding open houses...I just do not feel
like doing all that right now.

But it would be nice to have enough money to buy one
of those adjustable beds and a walk in bath tub. I
am just wondering if those things could be tax deductions
for me? If so, I could try to do it next year.

But no need to install that tub if I am not sure if
I am staying here. May be wiser to hold off on that.

Anyway....he has gone to pick up dinner...
I am in bed.