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2014-10-17 19:44:08 (UTC)

Tough decisions

So, I was getting ready to pack this laptop back up in the box
that it came in when I decided to try again to call tech support
to help me out. Got lucky this time with someone who took the
time to help. I think I may just keep it after all.

Earlier I called the boss and went over our schedule for next
week so he understands for sure when I will and will not be
available. I make an appointment to get my trigger shots
the same morning I am taking my BFF to get her shots...not
in same location but close by. It worked out great.

I am supposed to continue to take it easy in hopes healing
will take place. Talking to the boss I told him I am not
sure it is a stretched muscle, I think it is torn. I told
him I thought about going to the internet to see what they
do to repair torn muscles....he stopped me in my sentence
to say NO NO Don't do that...I had myself diagnosed with
ovarian cancer when I checked to see what was going on
with me. We both died laughing. Being a man, that was
funny. Anyway I am hoping he understands my situation and
does not set up appointments for me to drive there until
I am available once again. Driving around NC for two hours
yesterday put me back on my back. I was miserable last night.

I go get my trigger shots on Tuesday. Love that doctor but
always feeling like this when I go see him. HE will be glad
to know that the PT have me doing some yoga stretches. He
suggested I take yoga classes. Which I thought was a joke
for sure. I responded to him that SURE I will take a yoga
class if you take it with me...and have those shots handy.

Hoping next week is the turning point to all this pain.
I am sick of it.

I bet I can type a million works a minute on this laptop.

WHOA! If I could only walk.......