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2014-10-17 14:20:54 (UTC)

Fallback and Twisters

So it's the fallback weekend at Fallscreek and were going.
Mom, Spark, Mime, Middle Twister, Brandyce and I.
I'm looking forward to a calmish chilled Time with our little group and I hope they all feel like they can open up in ways they don't feel like they can normally.

Twister is talking to me again, confiding in me again, for now I guess the love hate relationship is switched over to the love side for a while.
He's working himself up to do something and says he'll tell me today if I sware not to tell anyone anything on something I really care about...
his words not mine.

as long as he's not planning to hurt himself or someone else I can keep that promise and keep his confidence and that's exactally what i'll tell him when I see him in a little bit.
Also that's the thing if he tells me this I can't tell anyone no matter what the cost because I won't betray his trust when he is already so scared to trust anyone, and specially me considering what Hype, Switcher and Selfie have said about me and ruined my reputation when what they say is lies.

But what I wonder is if twister will tell me the Truth about what ever this is he hasn't gotten the Guts to do... I wonder if he's just tell me a lie to get me off him about knowing what ever it is.
because last night when I was talking to him his guard was down when he said "and i'll finally have the guts to do what I've been wanting to do". and it sounded so serious and almost morbid which totally is and isn't like Twister...
and so I asked "which is what?" and he said "nothing"
and I said "I know you by now and it's never nothing and I can't change you mind so you might as well tell me cause I am your friend and I want to know"
he said "no I can't tell any one" and I say "why"
and he says "you'll tell people"
and I say "you know that's not true I've kept yours and other people secrets forever and you know when I make a promise I keep it, you know that much about me by now"
and that's where he said swear on something you really care about blah blah blah..
I said I would and he said ok we'll see tomorrow...and so it's tomorrow about an hour and fifteen minutes from when I see him, and everyone else...I guess we will see where this one goes.

Also on a different not Timothy's Dating a senior Andydrew 18 and Twisters going to fight him sunday.... that and Timothy's parents are going to freak, for a second time what is it with her and older guys sheesh she's 15, be a kid your too young to date a 18 year old, heck your to young to date at all....
but that's life I let her know what I think but also that I want her to be happy, that I'm here for her and that I don't trust the guys she dates but that I trust her... and with her current track record I'm shocked at how true it is.
I will always be on timothy's side, I'll always be in her corner.
But that doesn't mean I have to not be in Twisters corner as well.
I've learned that I can be and do both and that is a good feeling.

I can not betray one for the other.
I wish I'd known that lesson when I was a kid.

that's all for now guys got to get going,