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2014-10-16 20:40:54 (UTC)

Finally getting things done

My physical therapy today went well. I got a good massage and
some new stretching exercises. She told me it was ok to
get the trigger shots so I will try to work it into my

I drove to Cleveland to get the contract signed by my client.
Then, drove to Charlotte to deliver the contract to the
other agent.

By the time I finally returned home, I had been gone all morning
and it was around 3 o'clock. I had to create a PDF of the
contract and signed documents for my files and send to every
one involved.

Finally I am in bed again. No heating pad at the moment
but it will be warming up soon.

I am hoping to take the next few days easy if I can get
away with it. I have a couple of buyers who like to see
property on weekends. If neither of them call, then I will
be good to take it easy here until Tuesday.

That is the next appointment with the therapist and I hope
it goes as well as todays did. My back is still swollen
where I have the pulled muscle. Not hard at all for them
to locate it.

I am enjoying my new laptop and my new nails.

I am so happy I ordered it and glad I finally gave in
to going the nail salon.

Life is good.

Just moving slower these days.....