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2014-10-15 18:58:49 (UTC)

new laptop

Well, I finally got my super fast laptop and although it
was not real easy setting it up, once I got past of few
hurdles, it is running smoothly. I still have not downloaded
the apps that came with it but so far, just using it for
what I use my internet for it is working wonderfully.

Super happy.

I need to get off here though and meet a broker to pick up
the original contract and a check...for my client whom
I will be meeting tomorrow.

I love this client. She rides a Harley, lives in Lake Lure
and on Friday she will be competing in a gun shooting
contest near here. She packs a punch, huh? She is my
dream person...I wish I was her so much.

Anyway just wanted to get here as fast as I could and make
a quick entry.

Touch base tomorrow after physical therapy....

Still feeling pretty rough...