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2014-10-13 22:52:37 (UTC)

What a day

I took an Aleve on my way out the door. Unfortunately it did not
kick in until my drive home. WhOA! It was so hard. But I got
to meet a very nice couple who are very serious about one of the
houses I showed them today. So much so, they want me to meet them
again tomorrow at that same house and I am hoping we will be under
contract before they leave to go back up north.

It was a lovely home. Never disappointed in Harrisburg.

So, I had to call and cancel my therapy appointment tomorrow.

I will still try to make the RA doctor appointment on Wednesday.

Also, another broker called me this morning to let me know
that she is putting together an offer on another listing I
have near here....

so this time next month I should be closing on it...and another
on by the end of the month.

Looks like my plan of spending holidays at the coast or more
real than before. No reason why I can not make this happen.