My Letter To The World
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2014-10-12 22:24:49 (UTC)

My thoughts in poem form

Sometimes I feel like you know me better than anyone I can recall.
Yet how could you? time has passed and you know nothing at all.

You know a part of me that has and will always have to hide.
It's stayed hidden inside deeply buried so long it almost died.

It became so foreign I didn't recognize it when I felt it reborn.
The seeing you walk up to me worse for wear, beaten and worn.

You showing up after all this time ignites a fire never really put out.
Being addicted to The Brother friend bond is like rain after a drought.

Nothing will ever be the same as our two thousand seven or eight.
Your stuck in the past Us not realizing the present us could be great.

we are relics wishing for a different place, thought feeling and time.
Adults living out lives in different paths when time stops on a dime.

Stop the Addict and living in the past, live and make life worth it
Its never to late to start brand new and promise me to never quit.