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2014-10-12 19:10:01 (UTC)


I reviewed some of my entries here to figure out when this
happened. According to them, it happened the first week
in September. Another good reason for having this diary set
up. That is good to know.

The boss called again and I did some research for him...
and sent some links for information on some retirement
homes being built in Harrisburg.

I talked to my husband about being my driver tomorrow.

He is okay with it.

Then I checked my emails. I have a broker showing one
of my listings today for the second time. Her clients
liked the house and I am hoping this second showing
seals the deal. It would be so wonderful to have another
one of my listings under contract. This is really the
last one...that really matters for me at the moment.

After I get it out of the way, I plan on taking a break
with listings and only work with the buyers I have looking..
that should keep me busy but will not be as stressful as
trying to sell. I get stressed out when they are on
the market too long. Especially when they are priced
well and my sellers can not take too much less that the
list price.

Crossing fingers.

What are my plans after healing from this strained muscle?

I would love to get into a photography class. MY daughter
is learning about that camera I got her and has already
set up a website so she can get paid for photos she takes.

I can do that too when I am able. But what I really want
to do is learn how to service weddings, receptions, special
events..and Photo shoots like the pop star had yesterday.

She only wanted me to take background shots. So, she had
to pay a real photographer for that shoot. It could have
been me if I knew more about how to work it.

That is my goals for this year...remaining months that is..
and next year. I can take a class during the cold months..
and that would work great into my schedule.

IF I can get this damn back problem healed and over with.

Then...there is the renovation here.


I have not decided if I will apply for SS or not. I still
need to see how much money I could make next year...
and how much my health insurance will cost for just me...
and how much they will allow me to make to keep it that
price. I do not need to end up owing the government money.
It should be the other way around.

I have time to figure this all out.

Hopefully soon