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2014-10-12 18:33:09 (UTC)

Holy Crap when will this stop

I am set up for tomorrow's showings. I am dreading the drive
over there for sure. I may have to ask him to drive me instead
of attempting this myself. It won't take long, but if he goes
at least he will get to meet the boss, and he will see Harrisburg.

Not sure yet.

GOD! This is hard. I can not believe it has gone on this long.
I thought about and may have posted in my last entry to cancel
the RA doctor appointment for Wednesday, but after waking up
today feeling almost worse than yesterday, instead of cancelling
I believe I will keep that appointment.

I am not sure if I should even tell the therapist about it or not.
I want to know what they intend to do. Are they going to give
me some shots to help the healing to begin...and if so will those
shots be the same as the ones he gives? I am going to get something
this week one way or another.

Time will tell.

It is not hard to get an appointment with him. I could have went
tomorrow. But I choose to go to a closer office he has to avoid
the traffic and driving all the way to the other side of Charlotte.

My pop star wannabe had her photo shoot yesterday as planned.
She seemed to have a real professional set up for make up
and hair in a dressing room. But I am still not sure if she
is for real or not. I guess time will tell. Right now, I need
to stay focused on myself and this pain.

I have been through this before but not this bad.

I am beginning to wonder if there is something much worse
wrong than what they are saying. I was expecting with all
the blood work that is done during a physical that if
I had cancer or something like that, then the blood work
would have shown something to be concerned about. Do they
even text it these days or do they just send you a bill
and a letter saying everything was normal. It would not
shock me at all.

Not at all.

If that is the case, then this pain could be a sign that
it is too late to do anything about it. Usually when someone
start hurting this bad, the cancer has spread and they
are fucked.

Am I fucked?

Hopefully I will know more this week.

Right now, I just want to get through today...
and tomorrow.

Tuesday will be next appointment, then Wednesday the trigger
shots if that is what he wants to do. He usually takes his
own x-rays before all that. He is the only one I have ever
got any relief from.

I hope he is my hero this week.