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2014-10-12 02:36:29 (UTC)

Saturday just trying a little harder

So I got a very good night sleep last night. I woke up feeling
a little better for a while anyway. It did not take too long
for me to crawl right back in bed.

I had thought about going shopping. I can not even remember
now what was so important. I took a shower, but instead of
getting dressed to go, I instead put on fresh pajamas and
crawled in bed with that heating pad. Not all day though.
Instead, today I have been turning it on for a while, then
back off. I did take a set of those pills just to keep my
muscles relaxed and pain calm. It really does not work that
well, but it does help me rest.

The BBF wanted me to go to a party tonight. It was one
of her old friends birthday or something, maybe an anniversary.
Not sure. I recall agreeing to go a couple weeks ago, but
as it turned out, neither of us were up too it. This was her
first full week back to work and she was wore out. Both of
us are in sorry shape. But at the same time, it seems that
we are improving. At least we got that.

I saw a cashmere tunic sweater in the Lands End Catalog that
came today. It cost 179 bucks and with 25 percent off, it
would have still been way too much. I throw the catalog
in the trash. I know that I can find stuff like that maybe
in a different material and something that I can wash by
hand or in the machine. Dry cleaning is way too expensive.
I wear my clothes....more than once a year. So, I need
something that will last and that is easy to care for.

I know I could make it myself. The lines were smooth and
not a lot of crazy things going on. If I felt better..
and had an area to set up the sewing machine I could make
it without a pattern. Why do I not do that? I made a
handbag...a couple of them a couple years ago. My granddaughter
has a fit over one of them and still carries it. I have
talent. I just do not feel like doing much these days...
and it is so easy to just order something on line or call...
and have it delivered. So easy. I can not wait till
that lap top comes.

I told my BFF she could have this one....when the new one
comes. I actually told her she could use it...I know she
would not let me give it too her...but I could let her
use it and never take it back? Right?

I will be so relieved when she gets a new job...something
less she can get back to normal.

The boss called too today. I am showing three beautiful
homes on Monday.....OMG! I am so looking forward to
going to Harrisburg again...and relocating someone
from PA here? That is a plus. They are going to love
it here!

Last person that bought a home from me was from Michigan.
Last year, one was from Texas. Everyone wants to come
here....sooner or later.

Later guys