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2014-10-10 23:44:24 (UTC)

Let the pain continue....

So we changed my bed sheets today. He helped me. Then, he got
a board that he bought yesterday and put it under my mattress.
My son helped with that. We moved my laying area to the other
side of the bed which is more comfortable for me. I can get
in and out of bed much easier. That board helped a lot.

What is new in NC? WHOA! Gay folks can now get married...
and they are lining up at court houses all over the state...
one office stayed open later today so some of the first gay
marriages took place today.

I expect my husbands sister and her girlfriend to be getting
married. My husband says he wants no part of it. One of his
brothers may also be doing it. We are unsure of him, and my
husband says he wants nothing to do with either of them. I have
a real good friend who is gay. I have already called him and
told him once again that I would marry him in a minute if
I could get my husband to agree to a divorce. LOL I told him
that if he does get married, I am going to be so jealous of
the man...he marries, and he better make sure I approve of them.

So, we have mixed feelings here. I could care less what people
do. I can only stand for what I believe in. Not my place to

However, hell will be full of confused bleeding hearts who
do not understand why they are there. Yeah, I said it.

The pain I am experiencing is brutal. The mild relaxer I have
to take for it does not do a thing. I am living with a heating
pad and pillows in the bed....just like the past few weeks.
Using the other side of the bed. But I am still working.

The boss has been sick but I let him know we will have a
new listing tomorrow. MY daughter informed me last night.
He called to tell me he has friend who is in town for
the Nascar race in Concord this weekend who wants to
live in Harrisburg to be near his daughter. We searched
together on line and picked out some to email the guy
so he can check out the ones he may want to see while
in town. I can only show him property on Monday...
and that works for him too. So, I just bet we have another
buyer under contract before Wednesday of next week.
This gives me a reason to stay focused and to stay
as able to do what I do as I can. I will have to
drive over there....but I will just leave early and
take it easy. I look forward to it.....

Other than that nothing much to report...

oh yeah, I have an appointment Wednesday to see my RA
doctor. I just called to make the appointment...
and I intend to get some trigger shots...something
has to give...and he is my only hope.