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2014-10-09 17:33:38 (UTC)

Update Thursday

I hated having such an early appointment but it cause both of us
to get started earlier today. He decided to finally go get
new tires on his truck since he and I had discussed my beginning
to drive it again until I get over this back thing.

Man it felt so good to get that back rub. Although she only
massaged the side that I am having the problem with. I have
never been to get a massage ever. Experiencing this much of
one caused me to think about setting up an appointment downtown
when all this is over. I will be so happy when it is.

She showed me one more exercise to start doing using a band.
She gave me a band to use and also told me how to get up
and down from a chair and in and out of my car. She does not
want me doing anything in a way that causes the pain, so doing
things in a different way causing less pain or none....explaining
that she wants it to not hurt in order to allow time to heal.

She also mentioned that if these appointments and my doing things
different does not cause an improvement that I will have to
get a chest x-ray. That scared me a bit. I thought the other
one would show everything and she said that it was only a
to show the bones...and nothing else. Oh well...I thought
have lung cancer was off the table....but so far, it is not.

On my way home I stopped at a real nice consignment shop
downtown. Wanted to see if I could find some decent sweat
pants. NOT! Instead I bought two Couch purses, and one
Couch wallet. I needed something to carry when wearing
grey or black...and something to carry when wearing
brown or tan....I am now set. I really got a good deal.

They were was n a box and came with a dust bag for it.

I felt so lucky.

Then I figured what the hell....if I die anytime soon...
there will be something to fight over.

Or my daughter will have something to remember me by....
a couple a good designer bags....and a matching wallet.


Oh husband is going to start going walking with me....
every other day.

I am wore out already today