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2014-10-08 18:33:23 (UTC)

20 Things To do before I/You die

Things to do before you die:

1. Live life to the fullest.

2. Love with out restraint and with out fear, love unconditionally.

3. Laugh all the time it keeps you young.

4. Smile as much as you can.

5. Have faith in God, and that things will be okay.

6. Be Loyal to something worth being Loyal to.

7. Have Good Friends.

8. Forgive everyone.

9. Take your time in life, enjoy where your at.

10. Take advantage of all the time you have with those you love, don't waste it.

11. Live with as little regret as you can, weather it be things you did do, or things you didn't.

12. pray All the time because it changes things.

13. Try everything, Experience everything, Food, sports, education, ect.

14. Be genuinely Thankful for everything, physical, spiritual, emotional.

15. Have Genuine Joy, happiness changes with circumstances but you can have joy all the time if you choose to.

16. Share you life with people, your ups and downs, a problem shared is a problem halved.

17. Give. Money, time, stuff, advice, love, smiles, just be generous, be a giver in life not a taker.

18. Learn how to learn and then never stop, no matter how old you are or what you do in life, read, play an instrument, learn a language, do what interests you, write, it's never to late to learn something.

19. Say what you feel and Let others know you Love them cause you don't know if you will get the chance again.

20. Become a better person, every day, every year, lose the attitude drop the addictions, the cursing, the secrets, be the best you that you can be and always put the best foot forward. cause it's never to late to be Brand new.