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2014-10-08 18:08:26 (UTC)

Happy Birthday Emma

Today my Sneice you are six years old and I totally can't believe it at all your growing up so fast, and it both excites and scares me haha I know I'm not one of your parents but I sort of feel like I am... like you belong to me too.
So seeing you grow up, and getting to be a part of your life is an honor and I pray that you continue to let me be a special person in you circle as you grow up.

Your so incredibly smart and funny and clever and beautiful inside and out I hope you never lose you sense of wonder and imagination.
I hope you keep dreaming big the way you are right now( you say you want to be a Doctor) and I know that because it's you, you will be able to do anything you set your heart and mind to.
You'll be the one to do it all I can tell :)
I think it's important for you to have people in your life who will look at you and tell you that they see greatness in you, so that's what I'm telling you right now I see greatness in you.
You are such a good natured kid (even on your worst days) and we all have those.

Emma I love you so much, more than I thought I could love any one I think, I want to be there for you, life you up, protect you make you laugh and smile, hold you and comfort you when your sad and it feels like the world is falling apart.
I want to teach you things and show you music and cultures.
I will always want and do whats best for you even when that's hard to do.
I will always be here for you and I will always love you.
I will be the biggest fan of your life.
can't wait to spend it with you,