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2014-10-08 05:34:17 (UTC)


The physical therapy was an eye opener. After her pushing on my
arms and hands texting my strength and check to see what I do
that causes my back to hurt, she finally ask me to lay on my
stomach so she could rub my back and check it out. She started
out slow...then almost come to a complete stop when she found
the knot. She barely touched it but rubbed lightly around it
to see how far around it the pain was. Then she asked me if
I felt or heard a POP when it happened. I did not recall either.

She set me up for two appointments a week until first week in
November. I will probably have to have a scan to be sure there
is no break. I did not even think of that. Who knew we have
ribs in our back? LOL Hell, I can not see back there. But
this explains why is difficult to wear a bra. whatever...

The closing went well today. I got three call before the closing
through the day asking about it. I do not put up UNDER CONTRACT
signs. I do not have any. But I do change to brochures telling
that it is sold and how much it sold for....introducing myself
in the event someone is looking and need me to help. I got
two more buyers today.

I may need to refer some of this work out if I have to have
surgery. I am thinking they will probably want to do a fusion
thing...if it is just loose. Not sure what to expect until
I find out just exactly what has happened.

Being in pain all the time causes me to not take a serious
injury serious at all. I could have a broken back...and I
have just been laying around waiting on the pain to stop.
I have still went to meetings, shown houses and done it all
with no medication. God I must be one more tough cookie...

We shall we see how this goes......