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2014-10-06 04:28:34 (UTC)

Sunday night...

I usually hate this time of year. But this time is different
for me. The pain in my back is no different. Dealing with it
it for so long has been almost unbearable. I have a pretty
high tolerance for pain, but this time it is taking its toll
on me. Tomorrow will be the first physical therapy visit.
Hope they can me back on track.

The back sliding on the diet has caused me to gain 7 pounds.
In less than a week. I knew not to go out with my friend...
to eat fried bar food and dip and beer. I knew not to do it.
But she is like me right now, both of us are dealing with
back injuries...been stuck in the house unable to function

She has returned to work and it is not going too good. She
may be sent back home for the rest of the year. She is not
sure yet. She is very concerned about her job. Losing it
would be horrible. I told her I would pay for her to go
talk to an attorney if she wanted too. She usually does not
take me up on offers like that, but today...she said she would
know more this week. If they start to worry her, she may
just do that...talking to someone who can represent her
in the event they try something. God I hate to see her
go through all this...and she is single.

Unlike me, I have my son and husband here to help out with
things. I never have to lift anything. EVER! All I
do is lay in bed on my piles of heating pad
my ice pack...remote....and laptop.

Hell, we talked about it today. I told her that we really
should not have done that. I took money over there that
I owed her for the drinks. I usually do not drink like
that....but she said we needed it....both of us.

So I guess that was our last wild hair smoothed out for
a while. God only knows what is next for both of us.

I did get a text from my daughter. She just said that
they had been very busy with work and school...and she
hopes the physical therapy helps me.

Most daughters would offer more than well wishes.
I will also be checking into the life lock thing...
this week. Have them run our credit to be sure
no one has taken out charge accounts in my name.
At this point, after that last thing...I am not
taking any chances.

I am ready.....I had a tear on one of my finger nails...
way too low to just clip....or file. I went to the drug
store and got a set of those press on ( with glue ) nails
and oh my...what a nice surprise and treat. It works great
for that problem. And oh my they look so good.
I am delighted.


kinda smiling....