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2014-10-05 16:17:46 (UTC)

Cooler Sunday

I have been in bed since Thursday night. That little adventure
wore me out. I need to remember that next time she ask me to
meet her somewhere. We did not plan on all that. I am really
too old to be going out like that anymore...especially when
I feel like crap already. NOTE TO SELF....just say, no thank you.

Today, I am getting up shortly, taking a shower and running
some errands. I have brochures to put out at my only left
listing near here. I would love to get that one under contract
as soon as I can. I know the owner can rent it out and
probably already got calls from those who want to move in.

After that one though, I am taking a break for a while...
only helping the boss when he needs me. Not sure how long
the company can last with no activity. But I am hoping
my daughters listing will start moving and take up the slack.

I looked into getting life lock. Talked to him about it.
We both agree that we would like to sign up for it. I
was going to sign up on line, but decided to instead,
look into it when I go to bank this week. He will go
to the other bank we do business with and look into it

My recent experience with her taking so much of my money...
almost ruining us...and would have if he had not gotten
his settlement recently. I would have had no choice
but to leave charges in place and ruin her life. Although
it was her doing, not mine. I would never even think
about doing such a thing to anyone....and I am her mother.

Whoa....I am just hoping after giving it some thought
that we do not learn that she has already opened accounts
or received credit cards in my name. I am concerned that
her being so absent and more than a arms length away
could be a reason to be concerned. So, I am checking
into it....and my credit report will be checked out.

God I hope not. It would be another knife in the back.
Nothing I could do but let authorities take care of it.

Her distance from me since the incident is concerning.
I do not recall getting an apology either. Matter a fact
she sounded upset that I had went to bank and had a fraud
request taking place....If I had not called them to stop
it, she would have been arrested that day. It did not
take long for them to figure out who was receiving
packages being paid for using my debit card. Whoops!

FROM COMING HERE? I did not think you would mind....

hard to believe that she would think my money would last
forever....and endless supply. I had already paid a bunch
of money to help her stay active in business by paying
her fees....I paid over 300 bucks for her daughter to
get eyes checked and paid for contacts. I spent about
500 bucks on them for school clothes...gave her
100 bucks for gas....took them out to eat...120 bucks...
bought Carowinds passes for this year for her family
which was 500 bucks. Then she ask for my debit card
number to have her internet turned on....and that is
when things went south. My bad. I should have just
rode there and paid it in person. I will never do that

So, having life lock will help us be protected from
criminals....selfish children or grandchildren...
you just never know who is going to be the one to
rob you blind.....especially when they ask for your

When you give your children that debit card number...
there is nothing the fraud department can do about
it...your kid can take everything....because it is
your word against there's. And if you say the wrong
thing, you can be arrested and charged with conspiracy.

Lessons learned......

I have been sick about it since it happened.
The stress has messed me up.

I am living in bed. But today I will try to get out of
here....for a little while.