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2014-10-05 05:52:59 (UTC)

New Hair

I got my hair cut today shoulder length red and blond highlights withna side bang.
this is the first time in 10 years i've had my hair this short... and the first time ever to put color in it.
it feels so weird this short... but i like it.
tomorrows the real test though when every one sees it... i dred the few negitive comments...but those don't matter what matters what i think, and if i like it nothing else matters.
i'll walk in head held high yet acting like nothings different... i hate being the center of attention! but being a PK...they notice every slight change you make let alone the drastic ones like this...when i walk into that building....thrown to the sharks.

ok so maybe i'm being dramatic....but there will be a few...
theres always a few.

but on the upside Seamus says he will be in church tomorrw, i'm hopful yet terrified to get my hopes up as ususal.

Timothy is up reading or so is the claim and so will bebthe excuse for not being there tomorrow.
but hopfully Hype will be that tention needs to be broken.

Shot and spark should be there.

as well as mime and Middle.

oh and i haven't mentioned this to anyone cause i'm not even supposed to know butbi can't believe Buck and Doe are pregnant! omg Hiya and barbie are going to freak out. Bucks probably going to freak out.
lol this should be fun to watch....but i hope bambi is Heathy. when thebtime comes.

not as freaked about the 30th aniversary as i was...
i'll talk to the kitchen crew tomorrow to see about some help.

praying for a drama-less day.
hope yours is too dear reader,