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2014-10-04 04:58:44 (UTC)

Six liner series

Ok guys to i've thought of a way to pull all my bits and pieces togeather and put it into something! yay
so i write poetry(i may not be great at it but i do cause i like to)
anyways aside from official full length poems i have bits and pieces 6
lines or less poems that don't really connect to anything but its self so i'll post it just like that.

there are many and i imagine as i go through life there will be many more.
they stand alone and have nothing to do with each other(unless i spesifically say they are connected in some way)

i'll only post one per its own entry therefore making it a series.
like each is its own chapter/book.

i'll try to put when it was written and info about it but i make no promises on that... if your courious just ask lol.

here's the First in the Series written tonight at 10 something.

" Friendship & Change"

Time did change things, and it changed us alot too.
we aged, we fought, we lost, we learned, we grew.

Now its rare if i actually speak to either of you.
we're all but seperate now, thats the picture life drew.

What i would give for things to begin again like new.
One is waiting, One is wandering, One has said "I do"

(thats that guys hope you like it feedback is welcomed and i'm off to bed now so goodbight if its night for you and good day of its not