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2014-10-03 22:54:51 (UTC)

Hungover Friday...

Yesterday started out just like most days around here.
But then I heard from the BFF who agreed to go shopping
with me. I had mentioned to her that I wanted to locate
a new outfit to wear to my closing next week. So, I met
her at the store.

My shopping alone or with someone is not much different.
I am not a very good shopper. My taste sucks. I thought
having her with me would be a help. Not really. Not this
time. I came out of there with two pair of shoes, three
pair of jeans and two tops. No dress, no blazer, no suit
or anything to wear to the closing. Okay, maybe a pair
of the shoes would work.

I am just going to wear jeans.

After our shopping, we rode to get something to eat.
I drove there am waiting on her, she had one little
errand to run before getting there. Two beers later,
she showed up. I had already ordered a dip tray.

We ate and drank a few more beers. It was time to go.
So, we walked to our cars. And then I heard her say,
where can we go for a cocktail? Huh? It was not
late yet, but there was a place that we stopped at
on our way home. No one in there but the barmaid.
She talked us into mixed drinks. The first one was so
good...creamy...then a blue motorcycle. I do not recall
anything else that we may have drank or how long we stayed.

I woke up at home, my BFF was in kitchen talking to him.
I got up...and we sat up drinking coffee until 3 or so.

Then she drove on home. My car was at the pub.

I do no usually drink anything but beer. And I have
stopped drinking so much. What in the hell happened?

She must have needed a night out...and I was ok to
oblige. But today has been a waste.

I had my son and husband go pick up my car.

I have been in bed all day. Nothing new really.

It is getting dark here now...and I plan on turning
n early tonight.

I printed some new put out tomorrow. If
the rain ever stops.

My son asked me today if I talked to his sister recently..
I just said not really and left it at that.
He knows nothing about what she did too me.
I would never tell that. It would break his heart
as much as it did mine.

Whatever....I am not going to beat myself up about
it...I did nothing wrong. Had to take a break from
her though. It was just too hurtful.