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2014-10-01 22:34:03 (UTC)

Some progress.....

I finally got a call from the rehab place so I am now
scheduled for therapy next week. Still in a lot of pain..
and hoping this helps me deal.

Got a long drawn out message from the other broker last
night about our closing next week. Not real sure what
he was asking me to do. So, I touched base today with
the attorney to make sure my clients have sent everything
in to them that was required. I wanted to be sure that
they could accommodate them to come in before Wednesday
to sign paperwork and not have to come on Wednesday.
She told me that we could set the closing up for Tuesday
and that was what the other agent wanted us to do.
So, apparently that is what he wanted. So, that is
handled. YEAH!

Had a long talk with the boss...too today.

All of our other business is moving along on schedule.

I wish I felt better so I could enjoy it.