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2014-09-28 19:07:45 (UTC)

Life, Stress and Stuff

I feel two totally different ways about writing in this diary right now, part of me wants to write all the time and fill this one with as much and more entry's as my other one before it got deleted...
and part of me just doesn't... it's weird I'll feel the urge to write and then I'll actually get on here and just feel blah and then end up not writing and then I feel bad about it.

I think writing this is like therapy and the thing about that is sometimes you don't want to do it but you need to do it.
I need and outlet and I feel like I should write and keep a record of the things that happen in my life.
Even at times what I practically have to force myself to write.
like now.

I feel a lot of stress...everything from the keeping of secrets to the Drama with the youth, From planning a 30th anniversary part( I am an idiot and have no idea what I'm doing and feel terrified by the very idea of this but feel I must anyway) to the stress and irritation of seeing Robert by surprise 3 freakin times today....

life is life and as bad as it is bad, when it's good it's great. :)