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2014-09-28 04:08:13 (UTC)

Waiting for a mircale

It was hard to get started today. I can not really say I am
having a hard time sleeping at night, but I will say that I
am staying up most of the night. I find the night cooler
and I do not feel tired until early in the morning. I get
the sleep I need, just at a different time.

I was planning on going downtown today with my BFF, to hear
the bands, look at the art and hang out with other friends.
No one ever goes to our town unless there is a festival or
something like what was going on today. It is indeed something
that we all look forward too during the year.

As I got up and started moving around, I realized that there
was no way I was should be doing all that walking and I did
not want to over do it. So I called her and she was feeling
the same. She has been having back issues too recently
and in fact only went back to work this past week after a
5 week medical leave. She was glad I cancelled instead of her.

So, I stayed home.

I guess QVS and HSN are happy I am so bed bound since I
stay up late at night and with nothing much on tv that I
have not already seen, I tune in to their stations to see
what they are selling. OMG...I ordered some make up
from The woman who sells the make up I use. She was introducing
something I thought I would give a try...then, saw some
skin products that are supposed to help you look younger...
so I ordered that too. I went to bed bath and beyond
and ordered a pillow for my bed that works well when you
are sitting up in bed. So, lets spend some money....
can not go person and this is the next best
thing. So, I am waiting on my miracle lotion....time
will tell if I wasted my money or not.

Tuned into and signed up there so I could
watch what was going on there....and sign into the chat.
Met some people on Big Brother chat who mentioned going, now I can do that.

I also been watching Big Brother Australia. It is great.

A much nicer place. I am on episode 9 now. Many more to go.

My husband took my prescriptions to get filled. What a
joke....he came in and told me that he only got one of was only 8 bucks. The other one was written to
only fill the none generic version of Flexeril. I have
used it before. But recently they have been giving me
a generic version which was not working the same. I wanted
the original. I guess I will not be getting it.

Last time I got it a couple year ago, I am sure I only
had to pay no more that 24 bucks with insurance. Not
this time.....the pharmacist told my husband the doctor
would have to call the insurance company to explain why
I needed it. IT COST 5000.00 You read that correct.
FIVE THOUSAND BUCKS! With insurance, we would still
have to pay over a thousand. LOL

Won't be taking that shit. My god, I could go out on
the street with 5000 bucks and buy pot, cocaine, and a
number of things...and possible set up a new business
venture. Now it is clear why drug stores are getting

if he had came home with that crap today....we would
have felt like we had been robbed for sure.

Something is wrong in this world.

Very wrong