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2014-09-27 01:57:41 (UTC)

After the doctor....

Should have worn those darn hearing aides again. I get so tired
of people mumbling. Kind of explains why so many old people seemed
angry or bitter when I was growing up. Hell, they could not hear
anything. So, today went well. She is scheduling some physical T for me and I will be going to a pain clinic where they give the
trigger shots that I usually get from my RA doctor. The place I
am going to is close, in town actually only 10 minutes from here.
I was happy she did that. She also took some blood to see if
I had need to take B-12 shots. That clinic will give me
massages, heat therapy, and teach me some exercises to do
and also explain to me what I should do and not at a gym.
I can even get a discount at a gym. Maybe the Y. Can not
wait to get started.

I have lost weight. She said that was good for me and I should
not only keep it up to loose weight but to eat healthy to maintain
my life without pain. Having this crap is not hard. She explained that the memory loss and moments of confusion are from the
medication I have been taking to relax my muscles and also
the medication I am taking is not to help reduce pain, so that
explains why I could not sleep at all last night. My wrist
and hand were throbbing constantly. But that damn pill put
me in a place where I just did not give a shit.

Looking forward to all this...and getting back on track.

I intend to stick to my goals and extend them into next yr.

Since someone decided to behead someone just for the hell
of it....and almost another until shot to death, I will be
signing up for the concealed weapon class and I will sign
up for additional classes to learn more about how to wear
a gun in a holster just like cops do. Under their blazer.

I will shot some damn body....coming at me with a knife...

that was a horrible story to hear about and I guess it
is time to do what we must do to protect ourselves. NO
one else will do it. IN this line of work, I do take
chances sometimes...but that shit is over until I
get armed.

Tomorrow is art festival downtown. I hope I feel ok so I
can go hear David play. He plays all over, but tomorrow
we are lucky enough to have him playing downtown. I want
to pick up his new CD which comes with an
husband is going to freak out about that....when I bring it
home...that is if I get to go.

Feeling much better tonight.

Less stress.

I actually polished my nails.