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2014-09-25 21:41:09 (UTC)

BB16 Over back to life now...

Now that BB16 is over I feel like my life should be
getting back to normal now. I have a doctor appointment
tomorrow to find out what in the hell is going on with
my back. I am sick of living my life in bed.

I need to get out there and make some cash. I may need
to buy a 3000 bed if this back issue is not resolved.
Hoping she does an x-ray to rule out bad things so I
can schedule some physical therapy. get
back on track.

Got a call from a broker wanting to take his client out
to check out the repairs made. I was worried they were trying
to find a reason to back out. But later got a great email
with a closing date scheduled. So, that is over....well
the worrying is.

Now I can focus on my health and try to stop smoking again..
and add that to my healthy eating. Well, if you call eating
salads all the time healthy. I am beginning to feel like
a rabbit.

I got the jogging pants I ordered so I am ready to go to
the gym when my BFF is ready. She returned to work today.
I hope she does not over do it. We have discussed joining
planet fitness so we can at least use the tread mill...
who knows, we may branch out to the bikes. Just need to
do something to start moving again.

I hate this pain all the time. Slowing me down.
Bringing me down and I am about done with it.


BB16 was a big disappointment.

I am watching Big Brother Austraila on you tube.

It is great!