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2014-09-17 18:30:00 (UTC)

Old plans new plans...

Well, that was a bust. Two in fact....just like the
other day. No, my buyer has decided not to put in an
offer on your listing. Thanks for letting me know...
then, my appointment to speak to a financial adviser
today was canceled. My BFF was going too and she was
not feeling like it today. God, I am so worried about

The boss called later about that offer that is not coming
in. I told him that man needs to install mirrors and
fixtures in the bathrooms of that house. People think
it is unfinished and it is scaring them off to the next
house that is. So, tomorrow, I am going to the Speedway
area to hang out with the boss. We are going to tour
some new homes...and I am going to take photos to send
to the owner of the property that needs those things so
he will have an idea of what other homes have to offer.

While over there, I will be on the search for house with
for sale by owners...hoping to get another listing.

One of my buyers could not get approved for a loan
right now, so another balloon busted.

While I am with the boss tomorrow I will ask him what
he thinks about some financial advice. Maybe he can
give me some direction. I do not want to screw myself
for 1000 bucks a month....and be limited to only making
15k a yr.

Plus, I have decided to get some extensions. I will
be on the lookout for some to price and take a look
at to see what looks the best and get an idea of
how much I am going to have to pay for them. I will
need to budget for this. I can not wait to see that
bitches face who screwed up my hair...and her mothers
too. I think her mother put her up to it. You never
know who your enemies are until they pull some shit
like this. I know one thing....that bitch will never
see me walking through the door again.

I learned that lesson.

Walking away and moving on....