My Letter To The World
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2014-09-16 05:17:55 (UTC)

poem sort of...2

In our time we lived true, honest, hard and fast.
Didn't (K)now childhood loyalty wouldn't last till it passed.

In our day we were once what kept each other alive.
In those unfair, un(J)ust moments we didn't think we'd su(R)vive.

In our time we'd face our skeletons, demons and fears.
We'd see eachothers anger, agression (J)oys, pains, smiles and tears.

In our day i feared what would tear us all ap(A)rt.
It did you know? (B)ut your still in my heart.

In our time i believed in for real friends forever.
Not (K)nowing just what time, secrets, and untrust would sever.

In our day theres stil(L) ties that bind you'll see.
Somewhere out there's still a place for us three.