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2014-09-11 23:26:37 (UTC)

Slow week...

I expect one deal to fall apart, inspector has got the buyer
worried about damp crawl space. It was damp because vapor
barrier was removed during installation of NEW HVAC and
plumbing. Although sellers are installing not only a new
vapor barrier, but new installation. Inspector says if they
do not install new ventilation vents with fans to help air
flow, it will not be fixed. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A PROBLEM...

it has vents, they are functional, not need to install new
ones, fans or not. We have refused to do so...and told them
they could come back out to inspect afterwards....

and of course it is raining none stop here, has been for days.

I really needed that one to close. Only had three months to
sell it. It will be expired if it does not close. SHIT!

I have been laying with heating pad today. I think it is
helping but not sure. I still feel a pain when I get out
of bed as soon as my weight on left foot hits the floor.

Have been having heart burn and today had to take a Prilosec.
Second one this week. Not sure what to think about that.

I hate the wet weather. Do not want to do a damn thing.
Not doing a damn thing either.

Sick of my hair. Got it shaped up yesterday and she taught
me some tricks to do with a flat iron, so I went and
got a very good flat iron before I come home. Been looking
at videos on you tube showing how to put on hair extensions.
I got the pony tail. But it does not match hair. The color
I have now is drab. Not good at all. I am not going
to worry about it too much though. It grows too fast to
be right now I am trying to stop
smoking and still trying to lose weight.

I am not so vain that I give a shit about the hair at
the moment. Hell, I can wear a ball cap now.

Just want the phone to start ringing again so I can
get busy....

holding open house SUnday.