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2014-09-09 02:35:00 (UTC)


My phone has started ringing again...I am busy once again.
My virtual tour of the recent listing is awesome...and
agents are showing it A LOT...I just know it will not last
long. I love it when sellers take time to do things right...
this one is move in ready. I love it. I would buy it myself
if I had the money.

I met my BFF yesterday after her MRI scan and we went down
to the pub to watch Football with some friends. Had a great
time. Have not been out in a while, so it felt good to be
out having fun and not working.

But today, I got up very early, went to mail an information
packet to one of my buyers...who lives at the beach. Then
got some flowers to put out at the recent listing..
trying to get it ready for the first OPEN HOUSE this weekend.

Stopped in at the store to pick up some food so I will not
have to go anywhere for the rest of the day. I came home,
finished up some research and emails...and then, I put on
comfortable clothes and took a muscle relaxer. rested the
rest of the day. I pulled another muscle a few days ago
and want to really try to get it healed and not have to
live with it for too long.

Have not spoken to daughter in a while. Not usual since
she rarely calls me. I am making some changes to my will
soon. I have learned the hard way that she would not be
a good executor of it. She will be in it, she not in
control. Instead, I am going to list my son and my BFF
to share in control. This way, she will have his back
and she will do the right thing, no matter what...he
calls her his other mother anyway. I have known her most
of my life. Since I was 16. She has no children and is
more like a sister to me than anyone I know. She is
a very good person, responsible and a Christian. I did
let her know some of what the daughter did. She started
crying it hurt her so much. So, I did not tell her all
of it. Just wanted her to know I was making changes to
my will and asked if it would be okay for her to help
son handle things. She was ok with it.

I felt I had a weight lifted off my shoulders.....
a heavy one.....

I am not going to be calling her ( the daughter ) anytime
soon. And I do not expect to celebrate the holidays here.
It is my hope that I will be at the beach at the end of the
year and will not be having a family dinner. I will send
them cards with gift certificates this year. I am not
going out of my way again to do another thing. I need to
stay focused on my own life, business and future.

And that is what I intend to do.