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2014-09-04 04:47:14 (UTC)

Moving along in the rain

I have been laying around some days just laying in bed watching
the Big Brother feeds. I am addicted. It is a break for
the phone to ring and I have something to do outside of
the house.

Tomorrow, in the morning, I have to take a contract over to
one of my listings to be signed and set up an inspection.
After that, I go to a previous listing to meet the owner
who has asked me to list it again. I have it ready to
and I am happy to have that one back. It got a lot of
attention. Now, she is willing to lower the price so
it should sale quickly.

Then, I got a call from that buyer I showed property too
a couple weekends ago. He has picked out one that he
wants to see and I have the offer just in case he
decided to buy it. Hopefully I can do this on Friday.

We have a photo shoot to do for a production company
who is filming a commercial this weekend. I am
trying to get all the real estate stuff done so I
will be free to do that all day on Saturday.....

So, I am busy.

Big Brother has been very different this year. I
really have not got attached to any of them. I did
locate a blog that was written by Christine on
Blog Spot. Easy to find with her name. She talked
about depression and taking medication, being unhappy
being angry and wanting to kill herself. I can relate
to everything she wrote about. She did just like
me and winged herself off that crap. I am unsure
why she is crawling all over Cody, but he is
very good looking and it may be hard to not
cuddle with him. He seems to enjoy and require
a lot of attention. Kind of silly. I think he
is gay myself. I think several of them are gay
not just Frankie. Maybe not Derrick, but these
days you just never know do you?

I also have a idea that Victoria is related to Derrick.
He is married to a jewish girl, and Victoria may
be his sister in law. Just a hunch. She talks
about how her sisters hair is blond and fine
like Christines....His wife has blondish hair.
It is a possibility. I can not wait to the last
show to see if I am correct.

Donny is from near here. He is a real person. I
am very happy he made it as far as he did and will
be doing some guest spots on the Bold And the Beautiful.
LOL He is adorable.


that is about it for me....

still making a lot of money at the moment....

nothing is getting either. He is
still not off the sofa. Not sure how to handle
it...but if I make enough of my own money to
start doing some things on my own....

I may do that.

Not sure yet.

But still hoping to rent a condo at the beach at the
end of the year...until Feb. or so. Depends
on what is going on here business wise.
Although I can ride back here for things...