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2014-09-01 20:07:49 (UTC)

Poem sort of...

"The blond"

The blond walks alone, though be social she may try.
She's been ignored and abused, her hope's soar then die.

Her blue eyes hold secrets, and have cried many tears.
Things she's seen age her older than her seventeen years.

She trusts no one fully, a mask she must wear.
With who can she these parts of her heart share.

She doesn't think she she holds worth, why was she born?
Step and split family comments keep leaving her heart torn.

The Blond Walks with God, and won't ever be alone.
Family, Friends, we've got her back and love's been shown.

With God she will overcome whatever pain's in her past.
She will build strong friendships's and bright future's to last.

She can take off the mask and open her heart.
With God and I she doesn't have to hide a part.

Does she not understand what God intended with her birth?
She was created with pourpose,Beauty, Intelligence and Worth!

Not the best written poem i know but i'm hoping the message
And the thought counts. :)