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2014-08-27 16:47:25 (UTC)

Passwords and me

Lord have mercy...I have so many accounts here there
everywhere for almost everything I do. Yahoo is making
changes where they ask so many things of us. I hate
giving them my cell phone number. I use it for my business
account and recently has some issues with my contacts
being swiped. I hate that. How in the hell are my
contacts that I do business with anyone else's property?

I am thinking of choosing a more secure email site to
use for business.

If any of you have a suggestion...

please let me know. I use AOL, GMAIL and yahoo...and Hotmail.
Which one is the most secure?

I have been so busy I have had to start a list of passwords
since it is time to change them. I do that once and a while
just to be safe. But are we ever safe on the net? I am
beginning to think not.

I have a showing appointment later today. Hope it goes
well. I really need something else to be under contract...
the closing dates keep changing and getting farther away.

Yesterday I walk into BEst get a virus security
program...which by the way I have not even had time to
open the box...but while there I also picked up one
of those I pad things. 10 inch one. It has a keyboard
that clips onto it. The holder I picked out only holds
the pad without the keyboard. I have been trying to
get use to it. But so far I am stuck on how to get a
webpage or page to go away so I can move on to my next
task. So far, there is no X at the top of page to click
to close. I feel like a complete moron sometimes.
Once I get a swing of it..I will be ok.

I did learn that I can Skype with it. IT has a built
in camera. Not sure who I will use that with. I do
not usually do that type of thing. I am not the type
of woman who gets dressed and all dolled up just to
open up my computer and talk to people.

But you never know. It could come in handy at some
point. I have heard of it at least. That is the
first step.

Anyway....took me forever to get logged into this site
to make this post. FORGOT THE NEW PASSWORD....LOL

Now I have it wrote down.

Hope to be back soon with
more updates...

I am really too busy to make any sense.

But I am getting more organized...and have eraser boards
all over the place and they are getting filled up...
got three calendar eraser boards too...and they are
also getting filled up. I really find the eraser boards
very helpful.

I may need to have a entire room where all walls are
eraser boards. That is how much crap I have to keep
up with.....

still loving my life....staying busy is the best medicine
for depression. I have not been sad in a long time.

Confused? Yes.

But I am handle ling it.