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2014-08-25 21:33:37 (UTC)


Not that it makes a difference to me...I have grand kids in
school too far from here for it to affect me in any way; their
mom is driving a school bus for the first time this year...

we have still not spoke, but have text a little about
business. I am not as upset with her as I was, but if
it had been anyone else, they would have been arrested.

Whatever...I guess it could have been worse.

Today I learned that one of my listings will be closing
sooner than I expected. Doing inspection this week,
paying cash instead of loan. This should be a done deal
in about two or three weeks.

I am still getting people call me from the sign...
so having that sign n that particular yard has made
me about 10k. And I have not even closed on it yet
...leaving brochures out too.

I got another letter from Obamacare today. They said
they received the docs I sent but still have questions
about my husband being an American Citizen. I sent them
his birth certificate. What else would they need?

I am not responding to this silly bull shit anymore.
Just going to let it ride. I will be taking him off
of it anyway later in the year since he will be
on Medicare in November.

It has been one stupid request after another....

I wonder how many other tax paying Americans are being
harassed with this type of silly crap.

Beats all I ever heard....

but still not surprised.

I will probably be forced to pay a bunch of money at
the end of year or face jail time.....I bet I won't be
the only one either...

so you guys better keep your facts straight...
and a folder with documents to prove the facts....

just in case.

I am covered